Meet the Houswives

Mrs. Hart is a God-Fearing SAHM, who never stays at home. She ended a 10 year banking career to become a SAHM in 2007.  Actually, she just got tired of being held up at gunpoint.  Four times is just too many for a girl to take. She is very happily married with two children. She keeps things spicy using the text alert is "Too Sexy for this Shirt" just for him. She has two beautiful kids, a future Pro-football player and a Diva in the making. She just loves blogging, working out/gab time, and social networking. She's just a small town southern Oklahoma girl, born in raised in Wilson-trying to find her way in the "BIG" city life!

Mrs. Sinclair, a jill of all trades, has had a variety of past life jobs, & experiences.  She runs a small business from home when she is not running errands or taxi-ing children all about town.  She and Mr. Sinclair were married in 1996 and have a wonderful son, born in 2000 and a certain princess born in 2004. When not being the football team mom, homeroom mom, pageant mom, gymnast mom, baseball mom, wrestling mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, or just mom-she fills time with a lot of other what-not that pays absolutely nothing; such as blogging, newsletters, facebooking, & of course twittering.  If one was to actually be paid for what she manages, she is certain to have made billions. Unfortunately, that history making legislation has yet to be passed. 

Mrs. Albright is a 40-something mom living in the 'burbs. She's knee deep in the female emotions of a three year old and a 12 year old. Through prayers, wishing and a surgery the first daughter was born. Nine years later, without a clue, the path they were on took a detour and the pregnancy test turned blue! The last thing this mom thought she would be doing in her 40's would be raising another toddler. But, thankfully this Mrs. has a Mr. by her side. Mr. Albright is one lucky man, although I'm sure day-by-day his man card is being threatened, being surrounded by all the females in his home. After meeting on a blind date the Mr. and Mrs. have been married for almost 17 years and keep the love alive through lots of laughter.
Before becoming "just a housewife" Mrs. Albright was an early childhood teacher. She loved teaching kindergarten and first grades.
When Mrs. Albright is around there is sure to be fun. She loves to make her friends and family laugh and is pretty much willing to do most anything to get a chuckle. She enjoys girls' nights out, four-wheeling with her family, blogging, Facebook and lots of T.V.

Mrs.Robinson is known to have many personalities, and enjoys being a little snarky and ornery. She lives on the edge, sometimes a little too liberal for her own good. She has several children and pets, and may have been married to more than one man, or seven. She's not ashamed to admit she's a little high maitenance.  In what spare time she has, she adores shopping, mani-pedi's, trips to the salon, volunteering at PTA and lunching with her fine lady friends. 'Never underestimate a woman's power to pull one over one you': that's her motto.

Mrs. Priss earned her name sometime around the time she learned to talk. She met and married the man of her dreams, Prince Charming, at the University of Oklahoma about 15 years ago. After teaching 5th grade for a short time, the two love birds settled down to have kids of their own. Ms Priss fills her days volunteering her time in between the cooking, cleaning and other domestic thrills. Ms Priss is officially outnumbered with a husband, two boys, two boy dogs and a mouse.

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