5 Reasons to Go Green

It seems like everywhere you look these days all you hear about is going green.  I'm going to give you 5 good reasons to go green, and no.  It's not because everyone else is doing it!

1.  You know where your vegetables come from.  Growing your own vegetables is a great way to go green if you have enough room in your back yard.  You know exactly how your veggies are being grown, and there is some kind of satisfaction that comes from eating veggies that you've grown!

2.  You get more accomplished.  Let me explain.  A study done by the U.S. Department of Energy says if there is good quality air in your home it not only helps with your health, but it also has good effects on your brain.

3.  You save money.  (This is my favorite!)  Change your light bulbs to the energy efficient bulbs, and the change will lower your electricity bill.  Along the lines of lowering your electricity bill, in the winter keep your heat on a lower setting and put more clothes on.

4.  It's easy to do!  At work we use both sides of the paper for almost everything.  We have to print a lot of stuff, so it's super easy for us to throw in paper we are done with and reuse it.  I keep my reusable shopping bags in my car so I can use them every time I go shopping.

5.  It's good for our big green planet!  (Do I really even need to explain this one?)  For instance a compost is a great way to do something simple and help our planet.  If you keep egg shells, paper towels, and other things and start a compost pile, those are less things that will be in a landfill.  You also will have great soil to use for the tomatoes you are growing!

In Oklahoma going green doesn't seem to be the cool thing to do, at least in some of our housewives neck of the woods.  But really, it's not that hard to do.

When you think of doing a compost pile you don't even have to have great soil, which Okies don't have, because you are making your own to use.  Walmart  carries the energy efficient light bulbs, so there should be no problem there with getting on the bandwagon.  Sure they do cost more then the normal light bulbs, but you will really see the difference in your electricity bill by getting those.  Along the lines of re-using the paper, I even do it at home.  If I print something out that I don't need anymore or don't need the whole page, I give the paper to my kids and let them draw on it.

See, Oklahoma, it's not hard to do!  Why not try it?

I want to know what you are doing "green" in your house, leave a comment and tell me!

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