A Birth Control Choice

Attention Housewives: Time to talk the BC talk. Birth Control. What method are you using? Oral contraceptives, a.k.a. the pill, condoms, shots, IUD's, playing with fire, or have you chose to make a permanent choice for either yourself or your spouse?

For 16 years I have been on oral conraceptives, minus of course the 18 months I was pregnant and time it took to get pregnant with my two children. I turned 35 in October, and my husband, who will be 40 this year, and I decided we are happy with the size of our family.

We researched vasectomies. My husband almost went that route, suprisingly, a route which almost all men shy away from. I also researched tubal ligations. I had both of my children vaginally in a Catholic Hospital, so a tubal ligation was not an option.  Besides, if I ever do get a bikini body back, I am not too keen on the idea of having a scar on my midsection.

We opted instead for the Essure birth control method. It is permanent birth control that has been around for over five years, takes less than 10 minutes to insert and within three months is 99.74% effective (based on 5 years of trial w/ 0 pregnancies). There are no hormones, no cutting and no slowing down except for some mild cramping and a menstrual cycle that lasted, for me, almost a month after the procedure. I went in for my procedure on October 30, 2009. It was an in office procedure. My mother in-law took me. I was fortunate enough that my insurance paid to have an anesthesiologist who actually put me to sleep for the procedure. I was able to walk out of the office and got to sleep all day! I went on February 23, 2010 for my confirmation test which consists of an HSG test and am happy to say I am birth control free!!! Yay!!!

So, my birth control choice consists of two titanium coils inside my fallopian tubes. I carry a card to give to doctors in case I need a pelvic exam or an x-ray. I did not have to go through any major surgery and am completely hormone free which is important to me because of the cancer risks in my family.

 Trista Sutter from the Bachelorette and Picabo Street from the Olympics, have also opted for the same procedure. Good luck no matter what birth control option you decide, just make sure that you discuss it with your doctor, and that it is right for you! I am welcome to answer any questions, just email them to wearerhok@gmail.com.

At TheRHOK we share based upon our own personal experiences and encourage you to research for yourselves any medical procedure discussed.

♥ Mrs. Hart ♥

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