Disqus: I'm not talkin' high school track

Ok, so I'm sure you all have encountered the Disqus- you know the new commenting system a lot of bloggers are addding to their blogs for commenting. Some love it, some hate it. I'm here to tell you why we use it.

Simply put, disqus allows you to easily interact with your commenters. It allows you to provide them feedback, or even chat back and forth. How many times have you wished you could respond to a comment, only to find you couldn't!?!  It also lets you "like" things, a faster form of flattery-yet still meaningful.  I mean, despite the inital set-up, there isn't much not to love about it. The Mashable himself even talks about it taking over the commentsphere. I think it's here to stay! 

Another excellent point, if you are looking to increase your own little ol' page rank, then you should be happy to use a system such as disqus- mainly because it adds your link to that many more places out in the world wide web. Just think of the powerhouse you could become!

The best way I have found to get used to something is to try it hands go ahead. At the end of this post try our disqus out and comment away. Go for it.  It isn't scary at all.  Make an account and then you'll be set, if you haven't already. This can be your trial and error.  I'll respond to all of you who try it out! This is social media, right?  Let's all be social and comment!

Your semi-tech savvy housewife
Mrs. Sinclair

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