The Family Album

In each home there are those pictured and those taking the picture.

Too often, the housewife takes all of the pictures.  Look through your photos and see - are you in them?  I'm not.  One day I realized that I was in almost none of the photos when Michael was a baby.  Prince Charming has been well represented at each and every significant event in our lives.  I set out to fix that.

In order to make my presence known in this family or at least to provide proof of my attendance at important events, I now hand the camera off to my kids to document our days.  If I hand the camera to Prince Charming, I am not allowed to dictate which pictures are taken.  The Priss can not allow this.  Not only do my kids have fun while developing their photography skills (kinda), but I am now back in the family once again (sorta).

Because I am a "boy mom" the following should not surprise me.  Over the last week my 6 year old has taken over the camera a couple of times when he was bored.  When I downloaded the pictures my jaw dropped to the floor. 

I had no idea I was modeling for Playboy.  To be honest, the only feature more flattering on me than my gigantic rear is my concave chest.  This was not part of my documentation plan.

If this is too much for you, avert your eyes and keep scrolling.

I am considering therapy for us both.

*Mrs. Priss*

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