Guest Writing for The RHOK

Many, many people (OK, just a few) often ask us (OK, they asked us once) what it takes to be a housewife guest writer on The Real Housewives of Oklahoma, The RHOK. The answer is not much.

First of all you have to have e-mail.:  All submissions must be sent in to The RHOK to undergo our fierce editing process.  Please include the link to your blog if you have one (public blogs only please) so that we can include it and give you linky love.  If instead you wish to remain anonymous, please include that request in your submission e-mail as well.

Secondly you must have a thick skin.:  Remember the words "fierce editing process?"  Well, we do take what we put out kind of seriously.  And although we are good Okies who try very hard to be polite, it is possible that we will have to edit what you've sent to us.  Don't worry though, no post will go up after the "fierce editing process" without the writer's approval.  If you don't like our edits, you may withdraw your submission.  Also it should be said here that The RHOK has the right to reject without edit any post that they deem does not fit the format of their website.  Writers will be notified via e-mail for both acceptances and rejections.

Thirdly, you have to live, will be living or have lived in Oklahoma.:  Hey man.  This isn't called The Real Housewives of OKLAHOMA for nothing.

And that's about it.  Easy right?  You don't even have to be a housewife!  In fact, we like to follow the great tradition of the Bravo series by saying that you can even be one of the characters of The RHOK and be...a man.  I know.  We're rebels.  Don't tell our mommas.

So with that said, who wants to be our first test subject guinea pig guest?  If it's you, please click here and send us your submission.   We're looking forward to hearing from you.

"So this is where the e-mail submissions start flooding in Mrs. Albright.  Right?"  says Mrs. McGillicutty nervously while sitting in front of her computer.

"Right,"  Mrs. Albright says confidently standing behind Mrs. McGillicutty.

Mrs. McGillicutty sits impatiently drumming her fingers and staring at The RHOK's e-mail inbox.

"Any time now,"  Mrs. Albright says again.

Mrs. McGillicutty looks nervously at Mrs. Albright.  Mrs. Albright pats Mrs. McGillicutty's shoulder trying to settle her nerves.

"Any time now," Mrs. Albright says forcing a smile.

The both look back at the screen.

"Any time now," Mrs. Albright and Mrs. McGillicutty say together.

The computer speakers suddenly say, "You have one new message."


~~Mrs. Robinson

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