Housewives and Drinking

Did the title get your attention? Oh dear where is ♥Mrs. Hart♥ going with this one, you ask?

Wikipedia defines drinking as the act of consuming water (or a beverage that contains water) through the mouth. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah many of you were thinking "Drinking" is often used as a synonym for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and rightly so.

But, what I am talking about is the growing trend that seems to be affecting housewives all over the nation. We tend to have a growing trend for all kinds of "drinks" these days. I think confess, I have a real drinking issue.

Many housewives do on occasion like to meet up with the girls and have an alcoholic drink or two or maybe even three depending on how late our dear spouses or babysitters allow tell us to stay out and have fun! Me, not so much. I think I've had maybe four social drinks this year, and three of them were in red, Solo plastic cups. Yes, that's how I had wine with my Bunco Babes. Don't you just love it!?!

We like to get our local Sonic fix- with approximately 168,894 possible drink flavor combinations. My drink of choice is a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with diet cherry flavoring and extra ice, especially during Happy Hour from 2pm-4pm.

What about Starbucks? There is nothing like grabbing your favorite java and shopping for groceries or being able to read a book. If you are really lucky like some of the housewives where I live, their husband's idea of a romantic outing is to drag them to the Bass Pro Shop, thankfully there is a Starbucks conveniently located inside their store. Doesn't that make for a toasty date?! Okay, Okay, some of you housewives actually enjoy going to Bass Pro for something other than the joe! I didn't become a Starbucks fan until recently, my drink of choice is a Mocha Frappucino with an extra shot of expresso light; however, I am certainly open to any other "light" suggestions.

Have any of you had a chance to try Rocket Brothers? It's a drive-thru coffee/beverage shop and, in my opinion, has the best iced tea in the world! That is,  if you don't mind digging deep into your pockets!

So ladies, are you also consuming your six to eight glasses of water a day? That's approximately 64 ounces a day or four bottles of water. I'm trying to go "green" in this area with a PUR water pitcher, but I'll be honest, it's a tough transition for me. Hopefully with all of the cute new thermos's out now (even the RHOK has one), housewives everywhere will begin to consume a little more H2O! Your body will love you for it.

I bet you never sat down before and thought about it before. Are you a Housewife/reader with a drinking problem? What is your favorite drinking establishment? What is your beverage of choice?

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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