MckLinky Monday: Where I Come From

The welcome sign- every town has theirs, right?

Where I come from, everyone knows my name. Those who don't, moved into town after I left 18 years ago but chances are can call my daddy by his first name! I grew up in Carter County, OK in a little town located 17 miles west of Ardmore named Wilson. The 2000 census showed the population at 1,584. Yes, we may be small, but we have a claim to fame -- Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris and yours truly-1990

When I graduated high school in 1992 and went off to college, I couldn't wait to get out of that town and swore I would never live there again. I was born for the city life. One grocery store, one flower shop, and one main street to drag wasn't going to cut it for me! Needless to say, you should never say never. Not many people know this, but from 2000-2002, I was a part of that census number.

You see I needed my hometown during that time, more importantly I needed my family in that small town. Even in the smallest of small towns you CAN stay hidden from the prying eyes and gossip-filled mouths. Only the people I wanted to know, knew I was there and why I was there. The company I worked for downsized management and rather than take a demotion, I chose a severance package, sold my home in Edmond, and had a brand new, beautiful baby boy. Yes, I played the role of single mother during this time period and could not have done it without the loving support of my family.

Hometowns are there for a purpose. Mine served as a great shelter for me during a very difficult time of my life. I still call it home. I try to visit home at least once a month to visit my parents. It is important to me that my children visit their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who all still live in my hometown or nearby. I want my kids to know and love where I come from just like I do!

Main Street Wilson

Where do you come from?

The Real Housewives of Oklahoma want to know what your hometown means to you?

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