No, I Am Not An Army Brat

Working in a restaurant I get asked all the time where I am from because I have a northern and a southern accent. How does that work? Yeah, I don't know either. Ask me to say Idaho, and it comes out as IIIIIIIduho; ask me to say Chicago, and it comes out Chicaaaago. I know, I know, it's hard to believe.

I usually try to explain my accent by telling people the geographical story of my childhood. I start with, "I was born in Leavenworth, KS."

Usually the first thing that comes out of the listener's mouth is, "Were you born in the prison?" No, I wasn't. I was born in a hospital like most people I know.

After that they ask if my father was in the military; no he is not.

Then I continue. Shortly after I turned six I was adopted with my half brother (same mom, different dad) and we moved to Manhattan, KS. We lived in Manhattan for a few years until we moved to Greenwood, AR (outside of Fort Smith). My dad was offered a job in Fort Smith so that's what took us there. After Greenwood we moved to the other side of Fort Smith to Van Buren. We were able to stay in beautiful Van Buren for a couple of years until my dad's job took us to Indianapolis, IN. This is where the nothern accent comes from.

After high school I made my way back to Fort Smith and stayed there a couple of years until I made my way to Siloam Springs, AR.

Finally with work, I was transferred to Tulsa, OK and have been here 4 years now. This is almost the longest I have lived in one place. Isn't that crazy?! It does, however, explain my crazy southern and nothern accent that gets a lot of people asking questions!

So that leads me to my title again, no, I am not an Army brat! I truly lived like one, though!

Ms. Carmichael

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