A Picture of Oklahoma

What do you think of when you think of Oklahoma?

At the age of 12 my mom, sister and I moved from Oklahoma to the great state of Texas. Texas was not a new experience for me since the majority of my family live there. Being a resident of Ft. Worth, however, was a big adjustment.

On my first day of 6th grade in Ft. Worth (a.k.a. "Cowtown"), I had to learn new lingo. My sister was having the same problem in her 8th grade class. We spent our first afternoon at home laughing until our sides hurt imitating that twangy Ft. Worth accent.

"He's so fine!" - FINE (f-IIIIIIIIIIII-ne)
"Hey Y'all" - Y'ALL (y-awwwwwwl)

I think you get it. In Oklahoma we have our accents but hang out in Ft. Worth for a while and you will sound like a northerner in comparison.

The other thing we laughed about was the number of times we got asked if we rode horses to school and lived near teepees. Then in a hushed whisper... did we know any... Indians?

With my pasty white skin and blond hair, one would never have mistaken me for a card-carrying Cherokee Indian. My Viking heritage really shines through. Having been raised in Tulsa it never occurred to me that there would be so many misconceptions about Native Americans in other areas of our world. Ft. Worth is only two hours away from the Oklahoma border.

So, yes. Oklahoma has a lot of Native Americans. A large portion of Native Oklahomans have some kind of tie to one tribe or another but a lot of them are not tribal members. There's a history lesson in there somewhere.

For you non-Okies out there who think we ride horses to the store and dwell in teepees, Oklahoma is more urban than you think. I made a list just to clarify a few things.
  • I have never and will never spend the night in a teepee - unless they start making them with electricial outlets and running water. I'm a nature girl.
  • Some Indians don't tan.
  • I am scared of horses. It is sick and wrong, but true.
  • We do have tornadoes here.
  • The people that they show on the news after the tornadoes do NOT represent the general population of Oklahoma. I'm referring to the hair curlers and muu-muu look here.
  • I did acquire said Ft. Worth accent at one time, but I am Okie-ized once again. Whew!
Oklahoma is a beautiful state with a rich heritage. You'll see.
    What do you think of when you think - OKLAHOMA?

    ~*~ Mrs. Priss ~*~

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