''Real Housewives Of New York City'' Season 3 Premiere Party
When you look up pictures of The Real Housewives of New York you start to notice something. You can't find a group shot of all of them together. Page after page after page there are lovely shots of one half of the ladies. And then page after page after page there are lovely shots of the other half of the ladies.
Bravo Media's 2010 Upfront Party

As I was looking through these lovely shots this evening, I was reminded of a family, a very dysfunctionally sad family. And after I watched the last 10 minutes of tonight's show, I understand why it reminded me so.

Bethenny and Jill got a divorce.

As with any divorce you have three or four major parties. You have the one spouse, Jill. You have the other spouse, Bethenny. And you have the children, Kelly, Ramona, Alex, and Simon. In the housewives case, you even have the family dog, Ginger, whose bowels were none to pleased by the divorce.

As with any bad divorce you have the drama. You have one spouse, Jill, who feels neglected or treated badly and feels justified in badmouthing and cheating on the other with a mistress, LuAnn. Then you have the other spouse, Bethenny, who seems completely unaware of anything going on and is completely taken aback when they discover that their spouse has been cheating on them.
Bethenny Frankel's Bridal Shower!

And how do the children act when Mommy and Daddy break up? Well firstly you have the children, Alex and/or Simon, who although are sympathetic, really do well at not taking sides. Then you have another child, the scapegoat of the family, who tries not to take sides, but who is constantly attacked for doing so, Kelly. And finally you have the one delusional child who desperately tries to get Mommy and Daddy back together. (Oh, Ramona darling, you have to give up the dream. It's never going to happen.)

If you put all of these together you finally end up with tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York. It was sometimes entertaining, sometimes frustrating, and always incredibly sad. If, however, you're lucky something always pops into your head to take the pain away.

For me it was an old country song by a little 'ol gal who goes by the name of Tammy Wynette.

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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