Real Housewives of New York - Holy Sh*tballs! Bethenny's Pregnant

Pregnant Bethenny Frankel Goes Gitty For Paps Before Her Wedding!
On last weeks episode of The Real Housewives of New York Bethenny announced that she in fact was pregnant.  I believe her exact words were "Holy sh*tballs, I'm pregnant."  As a housewife who also sometimes has a problem with the edit of the mouth, Bethenny's words are a perfect example of why I love her.  Sure, sometimes her mouth gets her in trouble (the words "get a hobby" to Jill Zarin come to mind immediately), but how could you not love a woman who sits on the toilet in front of the Bravo cameras, takes a pee on her stick for all to see, and then exclaims, "Holy sh*tballs, I'm pregnant"?  I mean that's exactly what happened to me when Mr. McGillicutty knocked me up, minus the cameras of course, and minus the surprise as well.

That reminds me of a question I've always wanted to ask.  When a woman tells you that her pregnancy was a surprise, but after being asked what birth control she was on she says "none," don't you then wonder her intellectual capabilities?  I mean come on now.  Getting pregnant the old fashioned way isn't complicated.  Didn't we all learn how it worked back in fifth grade P.E. class?

Anyway, tonight on the show I expected to see everyone's reaction to the news of the creation of a new little Bethenny.  Instead what we saw was more drama between her and Jill, more drama between her and Luann, and a great, big, new rock on little Ms. Bethenny's finger.

Wow.  She and I really are alike.

OK no, not really.  I already had the rock when I got pregnant.  And it was little because I got it when my husband was putting himself through graduate school.  But maybe if I had waited, let Mr. McGillicutty knock me up pre-marital bliss, and then acted surprised to be pregnant, he would have felt sorry for me for missing that informative fifth grade P.E. class and stopped eating to get me the big rock just like Bethenny.



Probably not.

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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