RHNY: How old are these people, anyway?

After watching the RHNY girls, the late edition, I have but one thought: junior high school.

These women get more and more pathetic by the minute. 

First of all, I can't even recall what Bethenny and Jill are fighting about.  Do they even remember?  And to send another friend with a message to say "it's over, we're done"? C'mon. That's like a boy breaking up with you 7th grade, for pete's sake.

I'll be the first to admit that Jill is overbearing and motherlike-but most of the time she is right. Bethenny should have done a better job of keeping things private- for the sake of her fiance`, if nothing else. She knows how things get leaked.  You really think that was accidental?  Publicity equals money. Sorry to say that Bethenny seems to be choosing that over her unborn baby, and its father. I don't care if she is blaming Perez Hilton for it.  Unless he has a bug in her apartment, he had someone tell him.  It's Team Jill all the way on this one.

Now, onto poor Alex. She's like the sort of popular geeky girl trying to fit in, befriending the most vulnerable of the moment- and trying to use them to up her rung on the ladder. Add this to the fact  she's married to the most unattractive gay man on the planet, and this has this has to be stressful for her, bless her heart.  She tries. She tries too hard. She's just too strange, it'll never work in the clique.

Then we have Sonia having a lipo consult & taking Ramona to the appointment? Really? You want Ramona's opinion on plastic surgery options? It's a good thing Sonia called in her psychic to back her up on the decision. Also tonight,  Ramona launched a spa line. Again, Jill totally right.  Just what the world needs- another spa line. Oy.

Wait. You don't think I'm always in agreement with Jill because Mrs. McGillicutty was right when she compared me to her, do you?  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I swore she was wrong on that one.  I just knew I was more like the Countess, I just knew it.


-Mrs. Sinclair-
(sitting in for the ill Mrs. McGillicutty)

P.S. What in heaven's name was Kelly thinking wearing those red hot pants to the spa launch?

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