Summer in Green Country (on a little green)

What do you mean there are only 4 more weeks of school?  I'm a little shocked about that one, I don't know about y'all.

In the never ending quest to keep children occupied and not fighting over the summer, I give to you a few ideas you might persue around our little corner of green country. What's better- you can do them all on just a little of the green stuff.

A. Tulsa Statue Tour:  My kids and I did this over a couple of days one week last summer. We visited the "praying hands" at ORU, the giant Driller at the fairgrounds, and several of the large nature statues along the riverwalk.  At each we got out and got up close and personal.  The kids loved seeing how big the things were close up. Not just driving by! It puts them in a whole new perspective. And, great photo ops.

B. Tunnels & Skyscrapers: Did you know there are underground tunnels that connect the buildings in downtown Tulsa? (They also have them in Bartlesville!)  My kids and I just learned about the Tulsa ones at the end of last summer, and didn't get a chance to explore that yet.  But it's on the list this summer!

C. Spavinaw Creek and Little Blue State Parks:  These are places over by Grand Lake in the towns of Spavinaw and Disney, respectively. These are spring fed, cold water creeks, and they are indeed, freezing but the water is CLEAR. A site to see! My kids and I have been going every summer for a day trip, over the last few years. We take a picnic and the dog and play in the water, try and catch fish (minnows), explore, find rocks, & enjoy the extreme change of scenery. It's a long day, but its worth it.

D. Water Park Tour:  One day each week we try to visit a water or splash park. We really like the new QT park at 41st & Riverside. It's right on the river and holds the older kids attention better, in my opinion.

E. The Drive-In theatre: Also one we haven't gotten to try yet, but its on the list! Out of all the things I've just mentioned....this is the only one that charges admisson.

It seems each summer moves faster & faster, so I try not to procrastinate and have a (flexible) plan in place. Happy kids mean a happy housewife, afterall.  All of the sudden time moves very, very fast since getting old (er).  I just know it moved at snail's pace when I was about 15.  Now, it seems super sonic. I hope we're making some memories in the midst of it all!  If you try out some of the suggestions, make sure and let us know! We love to hear from our readers.

Enjoy the summer, wherever you are!

~Mrs. Sinclair~

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