Tweets, Twits, and...

...The twitter. Get your heads all out of the gutter, y'all. *Ahem*

So, all the time I get asked about the tweeting. That there twitter. The tweet thang. Well, consider this your Real Housewife Guide to the Tweetness of Twitter. And, it may need to be a multi-part series.  Despite the fact you can only type 140 characters when tweeting, the whole explanation of it all may take me a few pages  paragraphs.

First, when considering what in the tarnation it is: Consider the name. This gives a lot of it away. It's twitter, defined as a series of chirps among a group (usually of birds, hence the logo). Now translate to people, k? It's a series of blurbs of speak among people.

Secondly, I am sure you're thinking, "why do it?" Well, might I say, "why not?"  I'm not saying its easy to pick up right away for everyone. I mean, I tried to use it 2 times before I "got it." And now, I cannot live without it.  It's like free texting. But, as a bonus you meet thousands of new people you can free text with...and the real time news? Incredible. Take for instance the earthquake in California on Easter Sunday.  I knew from about 304 people in LA the second it happened. It's like a dream come true for the insta-generation. If you want or need to know something, just type it. You are sure to get more than a few instant answers. But, people also share humor, links to blogs, good reads, feelings, all about TV and movies, what they are actually doing, etc., etc., etc. It's endless entertainment with some of those pesky solicitors thrown in...of course.  As always, the salesmen, marketers, and pornsters try their best to interrupt the fun.  Just be wary; use your block button.

Now, let's talk followers and followees. If you are a blogger, then you'll have quite a few bloggy friends on Twitter, and you can better interact.  There are also the celebrities, and those that are real will have "verified accounts." (There are a lot of fake accounts.) Some celebrities will even interact. I have a on-going quest to get them to tweet me back. It's like a personal goal, and I have quite a list going! Mainly though, I tweet with friends, whether they be internet friends or IRL, in real life, friends. Social networking on twitter is just one way to get your words and thoughts out there. And you can have a lot of fun doing it, addicting fun.

All the cool housewives twitter you know. You can follow us here.  Don't be left out.

Now that I've given you a general description of the way Twitter works, do you have any specific questions?  Leave them for me in the comments section, and I'll be happy to answer them.

Mrs. Sinclair

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