Vacations NOT on YOUR Bucketlist

The Albright family has not had what most people consider to be a vacation for about 4 years. If you are wondering why not, there are a couple of reasons. We have a 3-year-old daughter who hasn't been a good traveler, and this housewife has a hard time separating from her babies to go very far or be very long away. And, then of course, there's the money issue. Economy at the Albright home is much like economy elsewhere; therefore, we have been trying to save money. So what's a poor housewife to do?

She gets creative; that's what! 

We plan on having a lot of day trips to Blue Hole in Salina, OK.  I grew up going to Blue Hole. It's a spring-fed creek and, let me tell you, it is C O L D!!  Where the water is deep it is bluer and it's the coldest! Brrrrr! But, when it's Oklahoma hot in July, it feels pretty refreshing.

Last summer I finally took my family. We went several times and always took friends with us. The mommas and papas lounge around drinking sunbathing and the kids swim, explore and catch minnows! Everyone who goes has a great time.

Another vacation we have planned is to go four-wheeling at Little Sahara State Park in WaynokaOK. (Click on the link to find information about why Oklahoma has sand dunes and to see more pictures.) We used to go all the time before I got pregnant with my youngest daughter. 

This little booger has kept me from going too far from home. And, she hasn't liked four-wheelers until recently. However, after a recent trip to Appalachia Bay at Keystone Lake she has become a little rider too! WooHoo

Little Sahara is the BEST place in the state of Oklahoma to ride four-wheelers. It's 4 hours from Tulsa, being just about an hour on the other side of Enid. 

It's hard to describe Little Sahara because it's almost desert-like and we Oklahomans know there are no deserts in our state. 

My husband grew up going to Little Sahara with his family. The first time he took me, I was just in awe of the fact that Oklahoma has sand dunes. BIG sand dunes. 

Everyone on my husband's side of the family has four-wheelers. We have 3 ourselves. There's nothing like night riding with 6 - 10 four-wheelers trailing each other with their headlights on. It really is spectacular.

We used to have a toy hauler. A toy hauler is basically a camper that you can tote your four-wheelers in. Buuuuut, when I found out I was pregnant we sold ours because we knew we wouldn't be getting much use out of it for a few years. Brett's parents and friends have them so we can either stay with them or rent a house while we are there. Rent a house, you say?! Yes! Since Little Sahara is a riding town, the folks there cater to visitors. You can rent houses that are completely furnished, right down to the silverware! Riders can even drive their ATVs in town. And, since this housewife does NOT camp in a tent, it's the way we roll.

If you have four-wheelers and have questions about Little Sahara, or if you have questions about Blue Hole (or want to meet us there sometime) you can just email me, Mrs. Albright.


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