Why My Husband Needs Wife Numero Dos!

My husband needs wife numero dos! No, I'm not serious. Well, maybe six out of seven days a week I am open to this scenario. So lets just talk about it wife to wife, okay?

I don't want to get into any religious debates here. I do think that if there is one husband, there should be only one wife. And we all know polygamy is not legal in the good ole' United States of America. However in I Kings 11:3 from the Bible there is an example of polygamy where the prize for the most wives goes to King Solomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines. He had 1000 women, all possible housewives, at his disposal. With that much help, how in the world did this man lose his job? Perhaps he was overwhelmed by all of those women. It is true that some men are confused by women.  Maybe to alleviate the confusion, maybe I should change the theme to "Why I Need a Wife." But that opens another whole can of worms!

So wives, let's talk...

...I don't hear you.

What? Are we not friends on Facebook, Twitter, or in the blogging world? Do we not have each others digits for texting?


I just realized it's 4PM, and I have to get off of the computer, I have two loads of clothes to get done, the boy will be home from school in 20 minutes, the dishes are clean in the dishwasher, the DH, my husband, will be home at 5:30, and he will expect dinner as I did buy groceries today. All I have done today is meet a friend to get hairspray (connections save $), paid for swim lessons for the DD, gave my DD and her bestie a wagon ride to the park for a playdate (gonna be sore tomorrow), and gabbed with my BFF while we watched the girls play. And did I mention worked on a fundraising project for my DS's tackle football team, a football team which doesn't start playing until the Fall.

Shhh...Don't tell anybody, but I'll try to be back after I get everyone to bed.

Did I mention that I made all three of those beds this morning also?

Are you seeing my point?

If my husband had another wife or if I had one,  I could keep her busy with the day-to-day stuff so I could keep up with my social networking like Facebook, Twitter and blogging. We could keep chatting and continue on with ALL of our social networking!!! Those clothes would be done and put into their proper places. The dishes would be unloaded out of the dishwasher, stacked all nice and neat into the cabinets. And dinner? Oh dinner would be served June Cleaver style.

Hmmm...what did King Solomon do with those 1000 women? How in the world did he let those women become his downfall? My guess? He wasn't a HOUSEWIFE and couldn't MASTER them ALL!! So really, if I'm completely honest, it's not my husband who needs another wife - it's me! If I had had all of those women, well let's just say it would have been a different story. For unlike King Solomon, I am a housewife, RAWR, and I could have mastered them all.
t say it would have been a different story. For unlike King Solomon, I am a housewife, RAWR, and I could astered them all.
♥ Mrs. Hart ♥

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