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When my daughter was born I thought her to be the most beautiful baby in the world.  

And as she grew she developed the most wonderful personality, and I knew she was the most beautiful baby in the world.

She was my beautiful baby girl.  And as soon as she could talk, I became her "beautiful momma."

But then I noticed that she became obsessed with her Momma's beauty.  She, when I hadn't put my plastic face on, started saying things like, "You look funny Mom.  I don't like it."

This was right around the same time she became obsessed with jewelry, and glitter, and lip gloss.  I, giving in, had Santa stuff her Christmas stocking with all that it could hold of glittery goodness.

And I tried to have fun with it with her.

But it began to bother me that she was so young and so, so interested in making sure that I had my plastic face on.  So I backed off, and started denying her her beauty products.  I even threw out the old phrase that my own mother used to say to me, "Pretty is as pretty does."

But the damage it seems was already done.  So I finally decided, enough was enough.

And now I'm showing her that you don't have to be plastic or fake or edited to be beautiful.

Having so much fun in life causing you to care less about what you look like is really more important.

And although sometimes I still like to cover up the wrinkles, and the age spots, and the grey, 

Sometimes au natural is simply good enough.

Earlier in the week Jodie with Mummy Mayhem posted a picture of herself without all of her glamourous goodness.  She challenged the female bloggers of the world to do the same this Friday and is calling it "Bloggers Without Makeup Day."  Raising a daughter today with the world of plastic around her I thought it was important to do the same.  So here is my contribution:  Beautiful Momma - I knew 40 was going to be a good year.

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~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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