Compromise: it's a fancy word for adults, basically meaning to share.  Kids don't like to share and frankly, neither do I, no matter how you say it.  I am hearing this word thrown around a lot today on this real estate show I am watching. While it's being said by both parties about what they want in a house, it is always the woman who wins out. She is the one who gets HIM to compromise.  She, however, does not budge.

This is the way it should be of course, as we women use our wheedling ways for our gain all the time. The irony is that the men, have no clue whatsoever about all the wheedles, evil tricks, ways we can pull one over on them.

Take, for instance, when my own current spouse keeps looking for real estate and constantly telling and trying to sell me on different things all about town.  I have absolutely NO desire to move.  Therefore the constant discussions alerting me of new things he finds on the market and attempts to drag me unknowingly to look annoy me so much:  I may be on the hunt for husband number 8 very soon.  How many times can you ignore and they not get the hint? Thousands, apparently.  This brings me to compromise. I "compromise" by sort of listening to him and then promptly finding something I dislike about each and every suggestion.  See? Win, win.

Now, if my plan ever gets compromised I may be in a heap of trouble.  But compromised brings a whole OTHER dimension to the word.

Obviously compromised means found out: which is kind of like sharing unintentionally. Such as the way men folk speak in spy shoot'em up movies.  "We must move our HQ, our location has been compromised."  See what I mean?  If us woman folk ever have any of our secrets of compromise, compromised this may put us in, well, a compromising position. Therefore, its very important we stick together. OK?  That can't be a compromise. That is just an order.  (Sorry, I'm kind of bossy.)  But, that's how I get things done my way. Like I always say:
"Never underestimate the power of a woman to pull one over on you."

Have a wonderful Sunday, my lovelies.

~Mrs. Robinson~

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