The Getaway

Know what is even better than a RHOK Out? I'm sure you struggled to come up with something more exciting than an evening out with the housewives. One thing about being a housewife is that you are lowest priority on the totem pole. When all else fails, the housewife prevails. Something like that.

Prince Charming can make whatever plans he wants to without consideration to the rest of the family. If he is out golfing and there is a sick kid at home that is not his concern. Know what I mean? His plans aren't contingent on anyone else's around here. I am the housewife so these duties fall to me. Most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way.

That being said, this Priss has been feeling a little unsettled lately and felt the need to get away. My girlfriend from high school and I decided that we were going to break free. We invited other housewives to join us but our plan didn't appeal to the masses (they'll be sorry).

Two high school friends met up and spent the weekend living it up in Vegas. Yeah, baby.

The Prince was not happy to be left behind.  When it came to childcare, the Prince was not fond of the words "you figure it out."  I made no arrangements and left him completely in charge.  I know that game when the wife makes all of the arrangements and the husband calls every five minutes to make sure he has it right.  I'm not playing that game.  This is complete and total freedom wrapped up in a 72 hour package.

Ok, ok - so I made some arrangements.  I really did like the look of fear on his face, though.  In fact, I loved it.

Here is a picture from a previous adventure in Vegas with Leslie.
I can't post the picture of the two of us this time because, well, I'm not home yet and my laptop is on the brink.
Besides - what happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas.

Now it's back to reality for me.
Do you have a getaway planned with your girlfriends?
You should.

*Mrs. Priss*

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