MckLinky Monday - How Did He Propose?!

Last week here on The RHOK we wanted to know about your first year of marriage. This week we want to know how you got to that first year of marriage. How did your husband propose to you? (Yogi, because you've been the only guy to participate in our MckLinky Mondays so far, how did you propose to Sweetie?)

The story I'm about to share with you is completely true; it's been the most romantic thing my hubba, hubba hunk o' burning love has ever done. And, it's pretty much the last romantic thing he has ever done. I kid. I kid. Well, sort of. I mean, after you read it, you tell me if you think he could top it.


Seventeen years ago on this June 19th, Brett proposed to me. And, let me just say, he did it in grand style.

He planned it out weeks in advance. Other men may have planned months for something like this, but we'd only known each other for 3 months so he didn't have much time! He arranged for my mom and step-dad, his parents and us to go to Dallas to Medieval Times, a super neat place for an interesting meal and medieval entertainment.  I thought he was getting us all together so our parents could meet. I had NO CLUE what he really had planned.

We arrived at Medieval Times, and I noticed Brett's dad had a video camera. (It was 1993 and he was not carrying around a small hand-held video camera, it was huge!) He was video-taping everyone in the lobby while asking them all kinds of questions that involved dating, marriage, and I'm pretty sure there were even questions about sex. I thought it was pretty bizarre, to say the least. Some people were pretty entertained by him, while others, I'm sure, thought he was well... strange or perverted.

We were finally seated around the arena, enjoying our dinner while watching the show. It was quite exciting watching all the knights jousting and competing against one another. Our knight was the black and white knight; he was who we cheered for.

After we'd been in there for well over an hour, my mom leaned over and whispered, "You really need to put on some lipstick." Still trying to assert my independence and maturity, I was like, "Why?!? It's dark in here." She retouched her lips, but I turned right back around to watching the tournament.

It wasn't long after that the king stood and told our knight (because he won the competition, of course) to go into the audience and pick out a Fair Maiden to bring to him. Our knight came up into our section as if he is trying to choose someone. I didn't pay much attention because I never gave it a second thought that he'd pick me; there were all kinds of girls he could choose from. Then all of a sudden he was down on his knee, extending his hand!

What!?! I was whisked away to the stage in front of about a thousand people!

While sitting up on the stage I kept thinking to myself, "Why am I up here?!" Once on stage, the king put a little crown on my head and ordered the black and white knight to go back out for one more fight.

As soon as the fight was over the king stood and announced, "There is a prince from a far away land that has come to proclaim his love to the queen of love and beauty."

Out came a man dressed in medieval garb, face covered by a scarf. The king told him to bow down in front of ME!! My heart was beating faster than a child who's just gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

The king unveiled this masked man and, lo and behold, it was Brett!! He fumbled to dig something out of his pocket. There in front of me he, opened the ring box and said, "Will you marry me?" I nodded my head and quietly mummbled, yes. I think I may have even stuttered because the king said, "Was that a yes?!" I got down on my knees with Brett and and proudly said, "YES!"

The whole  place started screaming and chanting, "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" over and over.

The next 10 or so minutes were a total blur because before I knew it, we were off the stage and being ushered out into the foyer led by all the knights with the trumpets sounding.

It was incredible!! I had women coming up to me with tears in their eyes saying it was the most romantic thing they had ever witnessed. Truly, it was! I felt like a real princess. It was better than anything I had ever envisioned when I dreamt as a child.

Someone asked Brett what he would have done if I'd said no? And, the king answered for him by saying,
"She'd have been jousted to death!!"

This is one of those events in my life that I will never forget. My hubba, hubba hunk o'burnin' love went far beyond what I would have ever dreamed imaginable!

Here we are 17 years later.

I can tell you that when my mom tells me now to put on lipstick - I do it!!

Do you think he could top that? Nah, me either.
(I wouldn't object to his trying though.)

How were you proposed to or did you do the proposing? It doesn't matter if it was a well-planned proposal or something that slipped out in the heat of passion. The housewives can't wait to read all about it.


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