Monday MckLinky: What do you do now?

It seems impossible these days to think of what it will be like when the kids are no longer home.  Instead of my evenings and weekends being filled with

They will be filled with

{Put picture of clean, empty house here.  It doesn't actually exist yet.  But you can imagine it.}

Can you imagine it?  At first it seems glorious, all the clean, and the empty, and the quiet.  But as I look at couples who have become empty-nesters through the years it also seems overwhelming, the amount of time I will have, you know after I enjoy sitting in my clean, undisturbed house.  I start to wonder what will I do, a woman who has given up her career and most of her personal life to her family, when the family decides to move out and on?  If you throw out the fact that for my kids the move is a mere 10 years away, it seems even more daunting.

I guess I have to remember not to let myself get lost in the busy years.  I have to keep my hobbies going, so that when they're gone I can expand them. I have to keep saying yes to the invitations to hang with my girl friends so that the weekend trips turn into 2 week trips.  I have to have time with the husband  alone so that when we no longer have the kids schedules to talk about, we will have something to talk about.  And I have to remember to save my money so that the husband and I can do all of the things we've dreamed about like retiring the minute the kids graduate from college, traveling around the world, and having a vacation home.

And with that that brings us to The RHOK's question of the week:

Look into the future. You've spent your life taking care of everyone else, but now the kids are gone and it's just you and your spouse. What do you do now?

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~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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