My cousin recently posted this as her status on Facebook.

"Miss my friends... my GROUP!.... you know who you are.. feel abandoned cuz of one situation... but.. I guess life is life... One of these days all will see the light.. friends are friends for a reason... we stand beside each other thru thick and thin.... I'll be there.. will you???? BTW... luv ya all... no matter what...."

I can just hear her heart breaking as she begs to have those friends back into her life. My heart just ached for her. We have all been there, haven't we? And if not, good for you.

Friends. I used to think that I could only have a few. Maybe only enough that I could actually name on one hand. You know the ones... they know your deepest and darkest secrets and you hold those really close so they never went outside your circle of trust and told anyone anything about my business.

In high school, I had my set of friends. In college, I had a new group of friends and I still had a few of my high school friends that I stayed in contact with. After college graduation, I was career bound, and that meant a whole new set of friends and once again removal of my college circle of friendships, not to mention complete removal of the high school friends. Oh dear, and then throw marriage, children, and church into the mix and before I realized it, I had formed/broken a circle of friendships all over the place.  Social networking is helping reacquaint with these friends, but unfortunately that is all they will ever be is acquaintances. The times of sleeping in the same room with them as roommates in college or partying until the wee hours of the morning is over. I even have a few friends where I can pick right up where we left off; the ones with which you exchange Christmas cards and pictures of kiddos and birthday cards and phone calls!

When I became a SAHM/Housewife, that was SCARY! Hello, new friend groups. I had to get out of the house to find those friends. As a new mom working out was even an adventure. Stroller Workouts, anyone? I quickly found a group of six of us. C.C.A.T.S.S.- Funny how our initials form a name for us. We have been together since my daughter was 8 months old. One of the C's introduced the other C and I into this blogging world. We don't get together as much as we used to, due to three new babies and just life, but we arrange our playdates/gab time here and there as we can.  Other groups of friendships have formed as well, my Church Community Group, my Bunco Babe Group, and last, but not least, my incredible friendships with The RHOK Stars.

The one thing I have learned about friendships is that you learn more about yourself through your friends. The other thing I have learned is that it is okay to have different circles of friends at the same time. Friends don't make you who you are, but they certainly encourage you and bring out your best qualities if you are with the right kind of friends. And that is the true key, finding the right kind of friends.

After seeing my cousin's post and telling you about the friendships I have had over the years, I would like to share this poem. Warning: have a Kleenex handy.

Different Types of Friends

We all have many types of friends,
And in our life they come and go.
But if we can understand their roles,
Then it can be easier to let some go.

Some friends are there for you,
At a time when you are in dire need.
They have come into life for a reason,
Giving you what you require indeed.

But when this reason is resolved,
It often becomes time to part,
Because when the reason is gone,
Both may want a fresh new start.

Other friends are there for a season,
To laugh with and have lots of fun.
But just as seasons come to an end,
Sometimes these friendships are done.

Some people are very fortunate,
To have very special lifetime friends.
Who will remain in their life forever,
And that is a friendship that never ends.

I am lucky and have many lifetime friends,
Who came into my life for a reason.
We’ve enjoyed many laughs and shed tears,
But they stayed long after a season.

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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