MckLinky Monday - Who Were You in High School?

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This past weekend I attended a 20 year reunion for a school I attended from Kindergarten through part of 6th grade.  These were the people I grew up with before puberty and awkwardness hit.  I still think of them all as 5th graders and they will forever be that way in my mind.  My own 20 year reunion will be in Fort Worth, Texas (yeehaw!) in July.  I'm really excited about it and loved my 10 year reunion.
Watching all of my Jenks classmates this weekend I discovered that everyone stopped growing when I left.  Seriously.  I'm practically sitting on my arse in this picture.  I haven't felt like such an amazon in a long time.  The guy on the right tormented me in grade school when I was "going with" one of his friends.  We still laugh about it.  Or maybe I just laugh at him about it, and he rolls his eyes.  Either way.

Looking around the room at these shindigs makes me think about who I was in high school, and what I did.  I was the youth group church girl who knew all of the words to every Beastie Boys song.  How is that for conflicting?
Once my sister left for college, I had a lot of freedom.  My folks would leave town and I was home alone.  A lot.  I could have gotten into a ton of trouble, but instead my friends and I played sardines (hide and seek, kinda) in my house with all of the lights out.  If there was any funny business going on, I didn't know about it.

I used to be incredibly shy.  My senior year I was voted "Quietest" by my peers.  I said used to be shy, but I wasn't shy anymore by the time this vote came through.  Some images are just too hard to shake.
To get out of P.E. class I was a track manager.  Yes, I preferred standing out there timing the guys on their runs instead of running around myself.  I still don't like to be sweaty.  I was a decent student in honors classes, but I didn't hit the books too hard.  

In high school, I was the tall girl who towered over the boys. I hated being that girl.  It didn't really matter because when I had a date, I wasn't interested in the boy by the second one.  I liked the pursuit more than the stability.  This leads to the fact that I also never had a date to the school dances without me having ask the boy myself.  Horrible, isn't it?  I even had to ask my own date to the prom.

Being a writer for the school paper was my favorite extra-curricular class.  We could roam the halls for two hours or leave the campus the entire time.  Freedom to hang with your friends in the middle of the school day was a good, good thing.

I worked after school at Chick Fil A in the mall.  I knew how to slam an ice ball to the back wall, and I can tell you how long a raw chicken nugget will stick to a ceiling (three weeks).  I was an expert at making "fork you bouquets" but you probably don't want to know that information.  I dined on CFA  sandwiches and waffle fries for two years solid.  I was also a world class towel popper.  These are lifelong skillz.

I'm not sure how I would be defined in high school.  I wasn't in student council or a cheerleader or athlete or even in the band.  I didn't participate in musicals.  I just had fun with my friends and stayed really busy.  I had friends from each of the different groups.
If anything, I might have been the social coordinator for my best friends.  I always made the plans for the masses and told them where to be and when.  You call it bossy, but someone had to make a plan or we would have all sat at home.

Some things just never change.  I'm still their coordinator today.

That picture is me during my freshman year.  Braces and all.

I loved my high school years.  Did you?

So, who were YOU in high school?
Do you have good memories?
Do you go to your reunions?

Link up and tell the Housewives about it.

~ Mrs. Priss

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