Real Housewives of New York: In Betweener

The other day I had some free time to go shopping. Eager and excited I hopped in my car and headed to the mall. I hadn't been shopping in a really long, long time so I decided to hit some of the old stores that I'd been shopping in for years. Store after store after store I struggled to find clothes that suited me. Having no luck I decided to wander into some new stores to see what I could find. And again I had no luck. I shopped for 3 hours, and came home with nothing except for more clothes for the children that don't need any more clothes.

You see I'm in this horrible place. I fit into the clothes of the stores I shopped in during my younger years, however the phrase "mutton dressed up like lamb" always runs through my mind as I try on those young hip clothes. But then I wander into the stores that might suit shall we say a more mature clientele, and I find only things that remind of the AARP. When I look for clothes that are in between the young hip and the classy old lady I find not one store suited to me and my needs. I am an In Betweener. And I really don't enjoy shopping for the woman in this phase. It's a hard place to be.

But being a glass half full type I gal, I am grateful for one thing. Even though I am an In Betweener at least I am aware of the place I'm in, and seldom will you find me dressed completely innapropriately. However, when thinking about The Real Housewives of New York, I cannot say the same for them.

Stars, Stripes & Skates 8th Annual Event

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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