The Real Housewives of New York vs. The RHOK in Song

So last week The Real Housewives of New York finished up their season with the premier part of the Countess Luann's new song, "Money Can't Buy You Class."

As I was listening to her, trying-to-cover-up-her-pitchy-voice-with-tech version of her song, I was reminded of another song by some lovely ladies from The Real Housewives of Oklahoma.

I don't know.  

Maybe the Countess is right; money can't buy you class.  

But in Oklahoma it can buy you a flip camera, 
some movie making software on your home computer, 
and some Jose Cuervo.  

And with all of that in hand, who needs class to have a good time?  

Not us, I tell you.  Not us.

How about you?

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

(Thanks to Mrs. Priss for her awesome video making skills during our past RHOK Out.  She is truly gifted I tell you.  Truly.  Gifted.  I feel an Emmy coming on.)

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