WW: RHOK'n The Blue Hole

The RHOK stars and all their RHOK star kids & friends all made an adventure trek to The Blue Hole today.

The water is ICE COOOOOLLLLLDD. Perfect for an Okie Excessive Heat Warning day.




(or till you find a man wearing a rug on his back)

( we can't say the same for the rug man)

The RHOK Stars via The Blue Hole (minus one Diva)

Hope you can RHOK out next time if you missed it! It was a great day in the sun! Link up with us below, so we can visit you right back. As always for more WW fun visit the great ladies over at 5M4M!

~Mrs. Sinclair~
(who would like to thank Mrs. Priss for sacrificing herself in the frigid waters & helping her girl twice today!)

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