The Funk

This is one of those days when you figure out it's your turn to write and you think, well, crap: What in the world am I going to say that's of any substance?

When you're in a writing (or everything in general) funk, it's hard to be creative with awesome material to humor, inspire, or entertain. That's your disclaimer upfront by the way, in case at the end you are un-humored, uninspired, or generally un-entertained.

It's been a hard week in the Sinclair household.  A family friend's daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia last week. The family is also friends of my parents. So, I knew I had to go there. To THAT place. To a hospital to see yet another family who's life is turned upside down by that C word. It took me four days to do it. That's how hard it was. I am glad I went. But, afterwards it was as if I'd been hit by a bus. I was completely and utterly spent. All the same horrific emotions flooded back, fast. She has a long road ahead.  I mean she's just 11- with over 2 years of her Mondays and Thursday's already pre-planned with chemo. Remember when you were 11? Two years seemed an eternity.

In other funky news my children have now bridged the gap between "yay, it's summer-that's so exciting" to "you are driving me INSANE with the bickering and messes".  We have got to get some more plans going so that I do not indeed go insane.  Because I totally could be committed, between them and my grandmother and her meds, dentures and power chair. How about someone send Mrs. Sinclair on a cruise, okay? Far away, not in a hurricane or oily waters. I'm not picky. I just want OUT of the funk.

Do you see how fast this post went downhill?  Please don't send suggestions that I change my name to Mrs. Downer.  I promise I really do have all these other things I want to write about but then again, I just don't feel like typing it all out. Can't y'all just read my thoughts like Edward?  I'll send you some glitter spray.

 Or how about I try and save this post with more sparkle?

All better now?  I mean, I am leaving you on a good note (with plenty of substance and brawn, I might add.)

~Mrs. Sinclair~

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