I Kissed Edward!

 Do you see these two AWESOME ladies? The one on the left is Jenny from Jenny Kate's Spot and the other is her sister-in-law, Allison, who flew into Oklahoma from Arizona. These two threw the most Fabulous Eclipse premier party. The theme was Fire & Ice.

They thought of everything, down to the smallest details. Let me just name a few of those details:

  • Hot dogs were served because of the camping scene

  • We each got a Bella bracelet that had a crystal heart charm and a wolf charm

  • We had gift bags filled with Fire and Ice Dentyne gum, the book Wuthering Heights, Eclipse magnets and a CD with hand-picked theme music

  • Candy to put in bags to take to the theater.

  • Pomegranate Martinis, Type A & B labeled water bottles, Black Swan red wine

  • Games to play with some awesome prizes to win
I'm certain that I'm leaving something out, but this gives you an idea of how much work went into this party. They held the party in two adjoining suites at a local hotel. One suite was decorated as Fire for Jacob, of course and the other was Ice for Edward.

Speaking of games, we played a sort of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey type of game only we had to try and kiss Edward's lips!! See! I told you I kissed Edward!

However, I didn't quite place my lips closest to his so I didn't win. But, these two hussies landed their smack right on. Here they are showing off their prizes!

Let me just show you some pictures of how awesome the Fire & Ice rooms looked!

Oh, Wait!! How did that get in there?!

Jacob got ALL the attention.
 Poor Edward is left standing there holding a balloon. Yes, we all LOVE Edward, but you can't deny the HOTNESS that is Jacob!

Around 10:30 we all loaded up and headed to the theater to wait in line. Oh, yeah. We didn't have to wait in line. This is where you're going to be really, really jealous. We had FREE VIP seats!! Instead of going into the long boring story about how we arrived at FREE VIP seats, I'll just leave it at we

Not long after this picture (before the movie started) our very own Jenny Kate broke out in singing, in its entirety, The Humpty Dance for everyone around us. Who says it's the teens that are the noisiest in a midnight showing? I'm certain all the Shushing going on was directed at the mamas on the back row!

I seriously loved Eclipse. It is by far, in my opinion, the best one yet!

I'll admit it, I was one lucky Chica last night!

~Mrs. Albright

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