Laundry Lessons

Housewives love laundry.
Don't you?

Folding those fresh smelling clothes. Hauling them all over the house to put them away. Hauling them back to the laundry room only moments later (seems like it anyway) to wash them again. Finding loose change or more likely - rocks. Sometimes gum. Of course you missed it the first time you loaded it and hear it CLANG CLANG CLANG jumping around in your dryer. The gum you'll find last. We won't even go there.

I love the mystery stains. Always great when you find them after they've been washed and dried.

I think you've figured out by now that laundry can be very frustrating to me.

Don't even get me started on ironing.

Besides the stains and things hidden in pockets, I hate having to put it all away. It is the worst part to me. I get it all cleaned. I fold it while I watch TV at night after the kids are in bed. Then it sits and sits in the laundry basket until I make it to their rooms to put it away.

Jacob and Michael usually help me with theirs (but this wears me out just getting them to help). Mine gets put away.  Doc's just sits on the floor of the closet. Eventually (usually after 1 week) I take his out of the basket and literally pile his clean clothes on the floor. I run out of baskets when he has 2 or 3 of them sitting in there! I refuse to put his stuff away for him.  A housewife must have boundaries, you know.

It didn't used to be this way.  I used to put everything away on my own. Once we had kids I just got tired after putting everyone else's away and I decided he could manage his own.  I have even come up with a two basket system that annoys the fool out of him.  One basket for items with color, and one basket for items without.  

I also used to make sure his clothes were properly returned. He always, ALWAYS has them inside out. My favorite trick of his is the one leg in and one leg out thing he does with his pants. He's tried to convince me that this happens during washing. I know I'm a blond, but puh-leeeezzze. Don't insult me. My pants don't magically do that! Over our years of marriage, we used to have laundry "discussions" and I'm using that term loosely. Mainly, it was my pleadings to quit turning clothes inside out, empty the pockets, etc.  I've given up on both.  

That nice collection of coins by my washer gives me some great spending money when I bother to bank it.  

And now when I fold Doc's clothes, I take out my revenge. 
It feels good, too. 
I don't hate Doc every time I do laundry anymore. 
I know that sounds like some strong language but I was going that crazy.
Now when I fold his laundry - I enjoy it.
Yes, I do!

Doc's clothes are now all returned to him just the way he left them. If a shirt is inside out, it is folded inside out. Pants that are flopsy-wopsy get folded inside out too. If I could figure out a way to fold them with legs all caddywhompus, I would do it. If we can't bother with separating an undershirt (white) from the shirt we wore with it (definitely not white), they are washed then folded together.  

It brings a smile to my face every time.
I love my husband.  I love my new system. 
I have solved my personal irritation with his clothing negligence.

He never says a word about it. He refuses to acknowledge my brilliance.

Sometimes he utters the phrase "passive aggressive."
I call it "peace and tranquility."

Got laundry frustrations in your household?
You can vent them here!
It's all in good fun.

~*~ Mrs. Priss ~*~

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