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So yesterday I had a hard time making it up the stairs to type this post. You see my office is up stairs. And me, well I had a hard time finishing my horrific workout and the stairs? The stairs made me want to cry. By the time I crawled, and yes I literally crawled up the stairs, to my office, drug myself up enough to sit down screaming at my desk and painfully typed out this post, I was out of energy.

It reminded me of the time I did this to my scale.

Yeah. Good times.

So why do I do this to myself?

It's pictures like this one recently taken where my hips body seems GINORMOUS is why.

(In case you were wondering.  That's the Trivia Champion Belt, yo.)

So today to honor the pain I'm in I thought I'd offer a few tips to deal with post workout pain. Keep in mind these are all tips I've gathered through the many, many years of working out, and I don't remember the sources. So take them with a grain of salt.


Getting Rid of the Pain Tips

1. Eat a banana: Why? Postassium is good for the pain. I don't remember why. Just do it. They're tasty.

2. Drink lots of water: Why? It's something about helping your muscles recover. I just do it because I sweat like a man when I work out, and I'm always crazy thirsty when I'm finished working out.

3. Take Ibuprofen: Why? So you can make it up the stairs is why.

4. Have a glass of wine: Why? Are you kidding me?

5. Don't have a second glass of wine: Why? Are you kidding me?

6. Have a Full Day's Rest Between Workouts : Why? To help your muscles recover.

7. After a full day's rest, workout the same muscle groups.: Why? Apparently there is some toxin that builds up in your muscles that is causing your pain. So if you can manage to work out again 2 days later, it will release that toxin and help your pain. What's the name of the toxin? I don't know. It just works. OK?

So, what do you do for the pain on the days after a workout you can't make it up the stair without crying?

I'd love to know.

And now for our weekly goals.

Mrs. McGillicutty: So I successfully stayed off of the scale until Sunday.  And well, this almost happened again.

Yeah.  It was a shocker.  I guess I need to start the starvation watching my food intake again this week.  So, I vow to eat only healthy, nutritious foods within the calorie guide lines specifically set up for me for the next 5 days.  Why only 5 days?  I'm going on vacation.  I'm hoping the 5 days of good eating will make up for the 8 days of vacation eating.  (Shhhhh...Don't burst my bubble.)

Mrs. Albright:  I'm starting to see a cycle here with my goals. I suck at them. I drank pop again. BUT, I only drank it about 3 times through the week. That's fairly good, right?!?

I'm still watching my calories and doing okay with that. We did have a cookout Saturday night and I probably over-indulged a little then. Oh, and then there's the Long Island Teas that I drank. Darn those beverage calories!

My goal this week is to lose two pounds at ANY cost. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I may have to give up a Long Island Tea .... or two.

What are your goals this week? For those of you who are trying like Mrs. McGillicutty and myself to lose weight, how's it going? We want to know! We need the encouragement too!

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