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Freedom. Hmmm. Oh no Mrs. Hart, I can just hear you saying, You are sooo not going to light those firecrackers are you? Well, isn't that what is on everyone's mind right now? After all didn't we just celebrate the good ole' USA's 234th birthday yesterday? No, I'm not talking that kind of freedom. I'm talking the freedom you first tasted when your parents first gave you an inch and maybe you took a mile. Freedom that means no limitation or restraints.

For me, my first taste of freedom was the summer of 1990. My cousin and BFF Tonya and I ventured with two of her friends to Beavers Bend in Broken Bow, OK to Forestry Camp.  Forestry Camp?  Oh yeah, we were totally into trees, wildlife and learning to use a bow and arrow! And we really got into it after my Aunt Gracie left us and we found out there were 72 boys and 8 girls, and of course WE were the cutest girls in camp, with ratios like that cute is defined very quickly! I really did learn a lot that week, and probably should have pursued a career in forestry and the environment. I also learned a lot from a boy. I did learn to French kiss that summer, but not until he knew my middle name. Yeah, for some reason I was scared to death to kiss and as he went in for the kiss I stopped him and said, "Wait you don't even know my middle name!" I should probably sell that line to Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift, huh? He guessed a few names and was waaay off. I finally told him. Sparks flew on that June 14th night, right down to my fifteen, almost sixteen year old toes, I was in love! Let freedom ring...And like the song says, "a few cards and letters and one long distance call, we drifted away like the leaves in the Fall...". The next summer, I was sixteen and yes Tonya and I went back, older and wiser with only 64 boys and 6 girls this time, so did the boy. He tried to hook back up, even switched badges so we could be in the same group again. I found out he had a girlfriend and just played the role of tease. I wasn't going to get involved with another summer fling. Besides our Mom's had put the fear of boys in us in order to let us go back as Junior Counselors. When I was a Junior in college I ran into that boy again on campus, and my my had he grown into a handsome JERK!

What will I do different as a parent? Well, I can already tell that both of my kids are little charmers. They will probably both have had their first kiss way before the summer they turn sixteen. The one thing I will do is make sure that I am a sponsor at ALL their events and camps. When I'm not, I will make sure I know the parents that are there. The only other thing I can do is PRAY.  I don't think my first taste of freedom was all that bad, at least I did think a few minutes before I acted.

P.S. Make sure you do take a look at the Oklahoma Youth Forestry and Wildlife Camp. The camp is celebrating its 54th year and is one of the longest running summer camps in Oklahoma!

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Freedom. Take a stroll down memory lane. What was your First Taste of Freedom? When did you actually get it? If you have children, will you do things the same or differently than your parents?

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