MckLinky Monday - Vacation

So it's my turn to produce a question for MckLinky Monday.  And guess what?  I'm on vacation, yo.  Don't be jealous.  It's like a million degrees where I am.  See?  It isn't all rainbows and jelly beans filled with freedom and relaxation.  Needless to say I'm happy to be hanging with my family and the 4 other families going with us, but a relaxing vacation in a million degree temperatures?  I don't know.  It's feeling like a little bit too much like summer in Oklahoma to me.

But there is this...

Yeah.  It's pretty nice.  

But ideal?  I don't know.

So what would be ideal for me?  Well, I'm a cold weather girl.  And although jumping the waves in the ocean is super fun, ideally I prefer to be someplace where there is sun, and cold, and snow, and well...this.

A Nice Little Place to Relax Half Way Up the Ski Slopes

Sure this vacation wasn't as lazy as laying around on the beach watching the kids build sand castles, but for some reason, the snow and the cold and the beautiful landscape covered in white really made up one of my favorite vacations.

And since we're coming to the close of summer vacation season I thought I'd ask you, what's your idea of a favorite vacation? 

Leave your message at the beep.



~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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