My End of Summer Gripe

It seems like just yesterday we were anticipating the 2009-2010 school year end and ready for the summer to begin. Here at The RHOK we were writing posts on summer plans, our vacations, and all of our dreams for those long HOT summer days. We are only one month and nine days into the official season and I feel like my family's summer is over. No more lazy week days at the pool, no more late nights watching movies or playing the Wii, and no more weekday jaunts to area parks just to have a day of fun.

Why? For one, starting Monday, August 2nd, football practice starts. My son, who will be 10 in December and in the 4th grade is in his second year of tackle football. Now don't get me wrong, I loooove me some football and cannot wait until it starts, but it just seems like it is starting sooo early. Besides that, shhhhh don't tell anyone but it is waaaay HOT outside and I know I am a Team Mom and not supposed to gripe, but...well, you know where I'm going with this without me saying anymore!!! Did I mention full pads?

Secondly, on the 12th of August my little boy man begins his 4th grade year at a new school. What? Yes, a new school. The elementary school he was at reached its attendance peak several years ago and finally last year built a new school to house the 4th and 5th grader's. A new school, a new bus stop, and new teachers. It's all happening so fast.

Now count those days up, that makes 13 shopping days until school starts. If you have noticed the Target and Wal-Mart Back to School ads have already made their ways into the mailbox. I'm not that impressed. There are a few good buys. Everyone knows that most kids just need the basics: backpacks, pencils, notebooks, scissors, six different colors of folders, markers, glue, lunchbox,socks, underwear, and new shoes. I would like to see Back to School sales throughout the school year, I mean really, I don't buy blue jeans and long sleeve shirts in August. I buy them in October through December. Then, the school supplies I just bought in August I usually have to replace by February.

Oh yeah, and Oklahoma implements a tax-free weekend in there somewhere, but it is only on clothing items, not on school supplies. My experience with tax-free, is that that the clothing items are marked up a wee bit, so once the salesperson hits the magic button that makes the tax disappear, there really isn't that much of a savings after all.

As you can tell, I am a little bitter about my son starting back to school and am not one bit ready to start spending any money toward the cause at all. The real reason once I sit back and think about it,  is that I am just so sad to see our Summer pass by so fast. As a kid time couldn't go by fast enough, and as an adult time just keeps going faster and faster!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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