Pet Peeves

Oh, hi there. It's Mrs. Robinson here. I am on one of my little rampages again, so be warned. Some may say this is the reason I've had a few husbands. I say it's just because you can't cure stupid. Take it from a delightful sign my friend has by her sink, "Get kisses from the Mrs. when you do the dishes." That is some seriously awesome sign on many levels. Learn people, learn!

You've caught this Mrs. annoyed today about many things. I've gotten a new pet peeve list JUST from driving today.

First, how hard is it to use cruise control? I mean, push the freaking button. Also, driving the speed limit does not allow you in the left lane. The left lane is only for fast people. WHO USE CRUISE CONTROL.

Secondly, we all know not to talk on a hand held, text, or be otherwise distracted while driving. This is hard because we all like to multi-task. However some people can multi-task, but most cannot. So, unless you're pulled over or stopped: just concentrate on the task at hand, operating your 4000lbs. of heavy equipment. I do hate to jump on an Oprah bandwagon, but take the pledge. I prefer you not swerve over in my lane. I've made it clear before, I do not like to share.

On top of my pet peeve list today is politicians. I abhor voting season. I hate all those ugly signs that litter my view while driving. I hate people leaving stuff on my door. But mostly, I hate them calling my house. If you call me more than once, I'm not voting for you. If you annoy me, you lose my vote. There is nothing I hate more than recorded phone calls. Some people think I like them and have called 8 times.

Oh, I have more. But I'll save some for next time. And, there will be a next time.

What are some of your peeves lately? I know I can't be alone.

~Happy Thursday~
Mrs. R

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