WW: A Week in Review at the RHOK

Mrs. Priss visited the glory days at her HS Reunion.  This was the 10th, right Mrs. Priss?

Mrs. Sinclair's family welcomed a new addition: a niece!  Here is Miss Hadleigh with her great grandmother.

And another for good measure, because she's so cute. Too bad you don't have scratch & sniff for her baby head.

Mrs. McGillicutty is off gallivanting around Florida somewhere.

Making us all jealous with her fancy beach pictures.

Mrs. Nesbitt is still off her rocker.  So.....

Mrs. Albright has been clowning around as usual.

And has been pool partying with people I would tell to put clothes and masks on before I was caught dead in a photo with....She blends right in though, with her cute self and fancy hat.

Mrs. Hart must have had to go to bed early, because of her new gig. We'll excuse her and Mrs. Nesbitt. But, next week, I am expecting full-fledged participation from them both.

And me? Well, here's my view:

What? You don't believe me?

Oh, you know me too well.  This is really what I'm doing drinking.

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The One and Only Mrs. Robinson,

in once again for one of the slacking vacationing ladies....

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