Boys of Fall

Somehow the "summer" faded, and nothing got done on my to-do list. I really hate how things seem to move so fast sometimes. But, then I got to thinking, since when does school start before mid-August? I am NOT a fan.

August in Oklahoma is stinking HOT, people.

Going back to school in 100+ means our kids cannot even go out to recess for 15 minutes. However, they can practice football for a few hours. The boys picked up on this right away, don't kid yourselves. They're no dummies. Like I said this is Oklahoma, and in August men temporarily to lose their minds we start football, excessive heat warnings or not.

Since August 2nd, Mrs. Hart and I have had the pleasure of hanging outside for hours when it was 112 degrees. You would think I would have sweated myself skinny, but sadly, I don't even have that to show for it. I just have a lot of used up deodorant sticks, water bottles, and lots of extra stinky clothes to wash. I've already started to live for Wednesdays and Sundays when we are free!

I cannot even tell you how crazy hot it has been out there. And I wasn't even running in a helmet. Miserable, hot, sticky, sweaty, and sometimes- annoying. It's hard to see or remember your fondness for football when you're too hot to breathe. Now, imagine the feelings of some of the 360 boys out there.

But, then, I found this:

And my love was restored. Thanks, Kenny. (if you are unable to view embedded video, click here to view)

I wish the boys could watch it before every practice and game.  Then maybe the complaining would subside, and their enthusiasm would help them through the heat as the boys of summer become the boys of fall.

So, here's to the fall: cool nights, crisp mornings, fun for all, and football! Because, if you're from here, you know all about Oklahoma's love for the game.

~Mrs. Sinclair

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