Lose It, Or not!

Okay folks, I have totally fallen off the weight-loss band wagon this week. I know the reason why. This past week was one very busy week full of lots of fun get togethers. And we all know when women get together there is bound to be food and possibly drinks.

Last week the Collinsville women business owners had a Girls Night Out to show their appreciation. Every store had the most awesome appetizers and of course, I had to have one of everything. And because I love my Collinsville girls I have to plug their businesses: Soiree'- the ultimate party place, Gypsy Rose - Very hip clothing and lots of bLiNg, Simply Vintage - a furniture/accessory consignment store and Too Blonde Salon - a great salon with lots of bling, bags and shirts! If you haven't been to Collinsville you must go and check these ladies out. It's worth the drive!

The girls of Collinsville are front and center.
Aren't they gorgeous?!?

Also last week, we had cooking club. And it wasn't just any ol' cooking club this time, it was a Mad Hatter Tea Party!! There is always great food and because I didn't want to hurt any one's feelings, I ate a LOT of it! Ha! (I'll be sharing more about the Mad Hatter Tea Party on my personal blog tomorrow. Of course there will be some cRaZy pictures!)

All of the food didn't even fit on the plate so I had to go back for more! Oy!

Here we are having tea. Oh, wait! We didn't have tea. We had Pink Lemonade Shooters!

I'd love to tell you that was all the excitement I had for the week, but it wasn't. Friday night a bunch of us got together to celebrate my friends' husband's birthday at Full Moon. I ate the best fish tacos and had a margarita or two. We had so much fun singing along with the Dueling Pianos! And, if that wasn't bad enough, later that night at my friend's house she whipped out a cheese and meat tray. Good Golly Thunder Thighs!

Do you understand now why I didn't do so well on my diet last week? To top it off, I didn't even make it to the gym one time. I'm feeling like a beached whale right now. Blah! I need to get back on course THIS WEEK!

So what am I going to do this week? I'm going to hit the gym - AGAIN and count calories every day.

~Mrs. Albright

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