MckLinky Monday: Back to School Time - Happy or Sad?

School bus approaching
You see signs in every store window. Radio and TV ads are all about back-to-school shopping. The most common phrase uttered right now is, "Didn't school just let out for summer a few weeks ago?" Teachers are talking about getting their classrooms ready. Everyone's hitting the pool for their last few dunkings of the summer. School supply lists are in big displays at the entrance of Walmart. Kids everywhere are whining they didn't get to swim or camp enough. Daddies are complaining about the cost of school supplies and telling kids about how when they were kids the only school supplies they got were big chunky pencils, a Pink Pearl eraser, blunt-tip scissors, an 8-pack of crayons, a cardboard school box and a Big Chief Tablet. Mommas are dragging kids who would rather be swimming to the store to buy backpacks glue sticks, notebook paper, scissors, markers, new shoes, jeans and new underwear. And while I'm thinking about it, that whole new underwear thing always gets me. I mean, as a mom I do it, too, and I don't know why. Will my children learn more if they're wearing new underwear? Do new, non-stretched out unders contribute to higher test scores? Someone should look into this for me.

Boy and his mother shopping for school supplies

School starts in nine days for my kids. But who's counting, right? I mean, nine days roughly breaks down into 216 hours. Or 12, 960 minutes. Or 777, 600 seconds. But I'm not counting.


I love being a stay-at-home mom and I dearly love my children. Please do not misunderstand this. I am so unbelieveably blessed to be able to stay at home and not have to work outside the home at this point in our lives. I fully realize this. But folks, this momma is very ready for her kiddos to go back to school.

You know the statement "How can I miss you if you won't go away?" Well, that's kind of how I feel about my kids right now. School was out May 20th and they have spent the night away from home two nights this summer. That's twice. TWICE. I have spent every dadgum livelong day with them for nearly three months. I am in serious need of a break.

My husband does not understand this in the least. He says he doesn't get any time alone during the day either, but I am quick to remind him that he has a 20 minute drive to work and another 20 minute drive home. That is FORTY MINUTES of pure solitude. I haven't had solitude in....well, let's oldest is almost 14.....carry the seven.....divide by pi.......minus 4,963....... yeah, that equals a very long time.

And while I'm needing a break in the worst way right now, I can't help but look back to this picture and wonder.....

.....where did my babies go?

And maybe I'm not so ready for school to start after all.


So how do you feel about this time of year? Is back to school a happy or sad time? Or maybe a little of both?
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~~Mrs. Nesbitt

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