MckLinky Monday: Has Your Routine Changed?

By now most everyone has sent their precious little darlings back to school.

What's that? Why yes. Yes, I do believe that is a collective sigh of relief from Mommy-dom. The children are back in school! (Pardon me while I do a happy dance)

I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom, however, nine months out of the year I babysit my cousin's toddler.
Because she's a teacher, I get a summer vacation, too. From mid-May until early August I frankly don't do a whole lot. My house is cleaner but that's simply because the kids and I magically turn into sloths when school is out and well, when you exert virtually no energy whatsoever you hardly mess up the house.We watch a lot of Phineas and Ferb and read a lot of books, utilize Netflix to its utmost capabilities trying to catch up on all the movies we miss during the school year and yes, I'll admit it: I sleep a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. I do like me some sleep.

My whole world turns upside down when we got from school to summer and back again.

*During the school year I get up at 5am every day of the week. (Yes, I'm fully aware of the crazy in that last sentence) During the summer I rarely get up before 8. Sometimes 9. And the occasional 10.

*During the school year I go to bed as soon as our oldest child goes to bed. Sometimes that's 9:30, sometimes 10. (When I have PMS I go to bed at 6pm with a chocolate bar in each hand.) During the summer it's nothing for me to stay up until 2am piddling around in my office, watching TV or reading.

*During the school year I fix a nutritious toddler breakfast, a nutritious toddler lunch and a meal for the family virtually every night of the week. During the summer the children survive on PopTarts, Cocoa Puffs and PB&J. We cool our 1900 sq. ft. house with one window air conditioner so cooking is, more often than not, out of the question. We eat an exorbitant amount of sandwiches in the summer. We usually only eat sandwiches on Sunday evenings during the school year.

*During the summer the kitchen stays so clean it's disgusting. During the school year my kitchen stays so cluttered it's disgusting. Not dirty, just used.

*During the summer I only wash one kind of socks - the kind my husband wears. The kids and I wear only flipflops because I'm pretty sure it's a law somewhere that it's illegal to wear anything but flipflops in the summer, right? During the school year I wash so many socks my head spins.

*During the summer I do very little laundry because heck, when you stay in your pajamas all day you don't dirty a lot of clothes. During the school year I swear someone sprinkles Miracle Gro on my hampers during the night.

*During the summer errands are run in the late afternoon and sometimes even after 9pm. During the school year it's nothing at all for me to leave the house by 7:30 to do my running and be back home before lunchtime. This means that during the school year I shop with the elderly. This is a quiet experience, smiling at people as we pass each other in the aisles, them commenting on how cute the toddler is, commenting on the weather. During the summer I shop with the other moms and their children. This means Walmart is noisy and tense and unenjoyable and the only words spoken are threats to our children and pleas to the other mothers to take our children with them so we can find our minds that we lost about four aisles back.

*During the summer I like to take naps occasionally. During the school year....okay, really nothing changes there.

So, I'm curious, ladies and gents -
Now that school has started, whether your kids go out to school or you homeschool, has your daily routine changed much?


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~~Mrs. Nesbitt

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