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As you may or may not know I just got back from New York City where I attended the infamous BlogHer Conference. While I was in New York I was constantly meeting a ton of real life! I know. What's a good blogger to do? Meeting real people in real life? What a concept!

But I did it and honestly it was a lot of fun meeting all of those people.

BlogHer 10 - Tavern Direct Dinner
@tjstaab, @guavalicious, and @MomRN (an Oklahoma City Gal) 
off to a Tavern Direct dinner

BlogHer10 - LM/Responsibility Project 4
@MorethanMommy and @Kellyology on a cruise to Ellis Island 

BlogHer 10 - BarHer 1

BlogHer 10 - HP Party - Aimling Low

BlogHer 10 - Event Ctr 2
(Oh you know I gave her my Real Housewives of Oklahoma card.)

BlogHer 10 - NY 6
@PrincessHaley and @MomSpark (another Oklahoma City gal)
 in Times Square in NY

BlogHer 10 - CheeseburgHer 1
@andsosheblogs (a Tulsa gal) and her lovely room mate Jennifer 
at the CheeseburHer party sponsored by McDonald's

And although a lot of the people I met in real life were people that already knew me and what I wrote about, many, many, many more of them were meeting me for the first time.  

Last year, at BlogHer '09, when this happened I was so confused by the question that always followed after you gave them your name.  "What do you write about?"  Apparently you were supposed to have a answer that summarized all that you write about in one or two sentences or less.  It's called an elevator pitch.  Who knew?

So when I was asked last year I, not a gal who thinks well on her feet when she's nervous, would stumble around giving answer like, "I write about stuff, my stuff, and stuff that happens to me when I'm handling my stuff.  Oh, and I'm from Oklahoma.  That's in there too."

Yeah.  That answer was just elevator-pitch-award-winning wasn't it?

So this year before I went off to New York City...

New York City?

Get a Rope.

(I know.  That joke never gets tired.)

...I came up with not one, but two elevator pitches.  For Kellyology I said, "I write a mostly humor blog about living in Oklahoma as a non-stereotypical Oklahoman."  And for The RHOK I said, "I helped co-found and write for a blog for women in the central part of the United States, a part often ignored, with an emphasis on Oklahoma and Oklahoma women."  

Better right?  

Though I do have to say I did miss a little talking about stumbling around my stuff.

And that brings me to our question of the week.

Let's say you're in an elevator at a blogging convention, and you meet someone new.  Or let's just say you're at your local blogger meet up or Twitter tweet up. Or let's just say you've just answered the question, "A Blog?  What's a blog?"

When they ask you "What do you write about," what do you say?

What is your elevator pitch?

It's a good thing to have you know.  After all, you never know who you might real life!

BlogHer10 - Event Ctr 1



1. Answer the question on your blog (or in the comments sections if you haven't a blog).

2. If you answer the question on your blog, add your name to MckLinky so that we all can discover the brilliance that is your mind.

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4. Enjoy and have some fun!

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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