A Season of Mealtime Disaster's

I hate this time of year. Not because of the actual time of year, but because its the time of year when meal planning is no more. I am a disaster. I feel at a loss right now and am sure I am like a lot of other mothers and wives out there!

You see since August 2, I've been gone four nights a week for football practices. And with the start of school last week and the beginning of scrimmages and games on Saturday's, I am reduced to an absolute ZERO, ZILCH, NADA of family dinner times, except maybe on Wednesday and Sunday!  Who wants to sit down to a Crock Pot meal at 9PM? Not me, I do not like eating after 5PM. I hate spending money at fast food restaurants where I know a lot of choices are not healthy. So, what do I resort to during these times to adjust for somewhat healthy, quick, and on the go meals that I can have ready at a moments notice? I certainly don't call in Jillian Michaels- for what I am about to show you, she would throw out what little hard earned money I have and all of the contents as well!

First of all, in my defense, I do have a well stocked refrigerator full of hydration- plenty of water and of course Gatorade for my athlete and his Daddy/Coach! Not a lot of sugary drinks, except for lemonade. For myself, I also keep on hand the new Crystal Light Pure Fitness packets that have Truvia.  They also have electrolytes which are important in maintaining hydration. (Oh, what I didn't show you was my Diet Coke, I must have that.) I also keep yogurt, and string cheese handy.

In my crisper I keep items such as fresh fruit and of course, lunchables. (I think I heard Jillian scream!) Wonder if she happens to see the Organic Greens? There were grapes, but those never last long. That's good, right?

Here is my current work ahead secret: croissant sandwiches. I buy the small croissants and add lunch meat, and 2% cheese. If you use a serving size of the meat and a half a piece of cheese, for those of you weight savvy point counters, that's only 7 points. These keep all week in the fridge and keep my family going in between PB&J and Wednesday night leftovers! Another favorite is quesadillas, flour tortillas and cheese- quick and easy, and you can add meat if you wish. But, how long can we live on sandwiches and quesadillas alone?

Poptarts are the breakfast of champions around my house! I don't get it, sad isn't it? Really sad that I buy in such a bulk that I have to label the flavors to fill my Longaberger basket! Cereal is also a favorite, I just didn't bother to show you that cabinet.

See this? This is my beverage snack bucket. It helps fill the lunch pails and football practice bags during the week. (Jillian just fell over dead, I'm sure.) It holds all of the usually big bulky boxed items such as Fruit Rollups, Little Debbie's, Crackers, gummies, nuts, pretzels and chips. I did buy 4 packages of Ramen Noodles and added to it last weekend, but they haven't been touched yet. I've heard that other families live on Ramen- not sure mine are on board with that.

All my mealtimes pretty much consist of  pre-packaged food during this season. Am I a total disaster? I mean, my kids are not overweight, they choose mandarin oranges and apples over french fries. And on the nights I do get to cook, we sit down as a family and eat grilled chicken, salads, fresh vegetables- I crave foods like that! The good news is the disaster here only last about a month or two, and at least there are "some" healthy choices....

But won't you help me and other struggling families out there? Leave a comment telling us about your routines, recipes, and shortcuts for this busy season. 

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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