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When we started talking about collaborating on a blog, I made it very clear that I don't do crafts.  I also told the housewives I wouldn't be writing about crafts.  Never say never, folks.  This blog post, my friends, is going down in the history books.  Not only did Mrs. Priss create a craft project with her boys but now she is blogging about it.  It is not likely you will see this again.

One reason I'm called Mrs. Priss is that I don't like messy stuff.  You know who really likes messy stuff?  My 6 year old.  He is a constant creator.  In the past few years I have scrubbed many of his creations from my walls.  I've repainted walls over crayon and colored pencils.  His bunk beds have his name and doodles in marker for all to see.  The world is his canvas.

The walls in my boys' rooms were really looking blah.  Their rooms were just so boring without posters and pictures.  If I had a daughter, there would be some great options.  With boys, it's a whole different game.  I've looked at artwork and posters and come up with nothing. Nada. Zilch.  None of it was stuff that would interest my boys.  Everything is either too babyish or just doesn't fit my boys' personalities.  Since my boys aren't sporty, the million posters of footballs I saw were useless.  And there is absolutely no way I am buying Pokemon posters for their walls.  The madness has to stop somewhere.

I've been thinking on this dilemma for a couple of years now and maybe you've had the same issue?  Probably not, but I'm going to tell you what I did anyway cause it's my day to post and this is what you get.

Mr. Messy loves to do art.  He loves to paint.
Then it occurred to me - why not use his own artwork for his own walls?
I stuck Jacob in the garage with an apron, a small table, some paint supplies and a few big blank canvases from Hobby Lobby.  Like everything else at Hobby Lobby, they are often half-priced.

With the help of a box fan and a couple of Labradoodles, he went to work.
Certain boys who aren't in to arts & crafts can't seem to resist the fun of paint and canvas combos.
Michael doesn't usually do art but he knows a fun project when he sees one.  While Jacob's art is more abstract in nature, Michael's art is more specific.  Jacob was having so much fun that he made three, but Michael squeezed all he wanted in to one small canvas.
Jacob's wall

Michael's Wall 
And now, they have something to show off.  Their own art on their very own walls.  Nice, huh?

Jacob wanted me to be sure and show you the island he created.  Don't ask, just ponder.

If you and your kids try painting your own wall art, I want to see your pictures.  Have fun!

The amazingly creative and uber-talented...
~ Mrs. Priss

Artistic Muse & (of course)

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