Wordless Wednesday at the RHOK

Since Mrs. Nesbitt and Mrs. Hart so boldly annoyed that Mrs. Robinson last week with their lack of photo takingness;  they were quick to step up this week.  Above is a Nesbitt girl doing her best watermelon rind smile imitation.

Here we have the Nesbitt clan partaking in something labeled on the pic as "snipe hunting". All questions about just what that is exactly should be directed to her.

And here we have the Hart boy, in his stance ready to hit something. That's right, football started 8/2/10 here in OK country. Who cares if its 111' y'all.  Football is football. My own boy started as well. After two nights of about 3 hours in 100+ temps: this is some seriously zapped mama. And that's why this is all that we have for WW!

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~Trying to recover~
Mrs. Sinclair

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