And The Winner Is...


They like us!  They really, really like us!

We'd like to thank the Academy, our mothers, and of course - God.
Oh - and Yogi.  Yes, we thank Yogi for this honor!

As we walk down the red carpet in our designer dresses and wave to our admirers, we start to think the last two weeks of starvation were totally worth it.

Living an award-winning life such as ours comes with heavy responsibility.
First, we must tell you 7 truths about us.
  1. One housewife alphabetizes her canned goods in the pantry.  Apparently, she isn't aware that there is medication for this affliction.
  2. Two housewives have been known to turn straight men gay.  One claims every man she dated came out of the closet or married the first woman they dated immediately after her.  The other claims her man was a hot model before he switched teams.
  3. One housewife peed her pants at WalMart.  Yes.  Yes, she did.
  4. One housewife peed her pants on the bus on the way home from Kindergarten every single day.
  5. One housewife considers herself to be the Susan Lucci of reality shows.  She has auditioned for two and did not get picked.  She claims to have gotten realllly close, though.
  6. One housewife was forced as a child to hug her outdoor dog as punishment when she got in trouble.  She still considers this to be a fate worse than death.
  7. One housewife fell out of a classroom and ripped off her big toe.  We're still not sure how that makes sense but it's a true story.
  8. One housewife is hiding a full head of gray hair with the help of chemical enhancement.  What would we do without our beauty treatments?
  9. One housewife married her first boyfriend.
  10. One housewife will not eat orange Life Savers, Mentos, suckers or any kind of orange candy except those gummi orange slices coated in sugar. She claims those make her nearly euphoric.

Before you point out our inability to count, I will tell you that there are 7 of us and we had a lot to say.

So get over it.

The other part of our job is to pass this award on to seven other worthy bloggers.
We would love to give the award to each and every one of you, but hey - they said seven.  
Seven it is.
  1. Mrs. Schmitty: We love that she is a Mrs. - just like us.
  2. My Life As An Air Force Wife: See the theme here?  She's a wife - just like us.
  3. Let's Have a Cocktail: We like beverages.  She likes beverages.  We have so much in common!
  4. Mama Wants More: Is it ever enough?
  5. Lives Less Ordinary:  "Behind every mother is an extraordinary woman?"  Well yeah!
  6. Bored Mommy:  A huge picture of Colin Firth in her "About Me" just to make us feel better?  She's a giver.  Just like us.
  7. Ooph:  She's raising teen-agers.  And has 3 boys.  Yeah.  Teen-agers.  Stinky boys. She deserves all of the support she can get.
We look forward to finding out your seven truths.
Be sure to let us know who you're wearing.

xoxo --
Mrs. Robinson and Co.

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