Those of you who follow Mrs. McGillicutty (Kellyology) or myself, Mrs. Albright (Dawn's Diversions) on Twitter, you may have seen this hash tag, #ChevyGWL, a lot over the past week and weekend.

Let us explain. We were invited by Chevy and Great Wolf Lodge, along with some other Tulsa-area bloggers, to take our families and stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine Texas.

That, in and of itself, is freaking awesome. But, that wasn't all that was offered. Chevy wanted to provide each of us bloggers with a Chevy vehicle for one week to drive. We got to drive our new ride to Great Wolf Lodge! We all road in style. The bloggers were given either an Equinox, Traverse, Malibu or Tahoe.

Mrs. Albright's Equinox

Mrs. McGillicutty's Traverse

When we arrived at our suites at Great Wolf Lodge we were surprised with the BEST swag bags evah! They were full of coloring books, crayons, puzzles, cards, snacks, clocks, caps, clip-on radios, hats, and did I mention SNACKS?!? I'm sure I've left something out because there was so much loot!

Our families joined the other bloggers and their families on Sunday morning for an awesome breakfast. We got to spend time with the general manager and the lodge's public relation's gal. They were so pleasant and so happy to have each of us there. The customer service at Great Wolf Lodge is like none other.

The other bloggers that joined us were Money Saving Queen, Crash Test Mommy, Tasha Does Tulsa, Clear the Clutter, Chilihead (Blogging Basics 101), and Amber one of the 918 Moms.

These two RHOK want to thank Chevy and Great Wolf Lodge for such a memorable weekend!

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