There are a lot of times lately when I just like to lose myself in stupid or pointless things for awhile.

Many days, I'm in a life stinks, and then life stinks more, kind of place. Obviously I try to keep very busy, but sometimes that is too overwhelming for me, and I need to check-out.

Often, I turn to a few places during the day where I know might waste my time quickly.  There are just some times no one can to go to a movie or they are playing WWF to slow, or are just busy with other stuff. Rarely do people ask me to do things during the day, so I can't count on that at all. I've even tried to go to movies alone.  I barely made it through one, and I walked out of another before it was over.  Maybe it was the movie, but probably, it wasn't. It just wasn't enough to take my mind off things. 

So, I've found these. This is my own personal "links I love" list. (Maybe we'll make it a regular around here, and the other RHOKers might share in too.)

First, always, I go to Cake Wrecks, where you can find such classics as this.  And, the one that started it all, among many, many others daily- which never cease to amaze me!

Secondly, is Fail Blog, of course. Because, it is awesome. And, the stupidity of others, can really make one feel much better.  Of course, having a journalism degree, the communication fails are generally my favorites. 

And, then, because I have a fondness for real estate....Lovely Listing is always a pick me up. I mean, seeing listings that offer such amenities as this:

Wow. See how this can make one feel better about your own carpets, which may or may not need vacuumed, and you really don't want to do it? It could be worse. You could have a scary horse like men painted on your floor.

Finally, there is Awkward Family photos. I often laugh until I cry on this one.  It's also the last thing my mom & I laughed at together in her hospital room. It's certainly bittersweet. But, with things like this:

(Entitled: He's Having a Baby, Proof that a man can be too supportive)
And this:

(Entitled: Size Doesn't Matter)

How can you NOT laugh?

And, just like that you've wasted a good hour or two amusing yourself on the behalf of other's stupidity & weirdness.

What are some links you love to humor yourselves?
~Mrs. Sinclair

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