For the love of pete, BCC!

This post is half tech savvy and half extreme pet peeve.  But, I figure all the people driving me NUTSO with the lack of BCCing, well maybe they just don't know how. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. But, it's 20 fuh-reakin' 10 people. My kindness will only go on so long. 

Now, I shall explain BCC with the help of wikipedia. In the context of correspondence, blind carbon copy (abbreviated Bcc:) refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that conceals individual email addresses (mentioned in "to" field of the mail) from the complete list of recipients. 

This shall not be confused AT ALL with carbon copying. In the context of correspondence, carbon copying, abbreviated cc or c.c., is the technique of using carbon paper to produce one or more copies simultaneously during the creation of paper documents. With the advent of email, the term has also become to refer to simultaneously sending copies of an electronic message to secondary recipients.

I don't like to get emails with 100 email addresses I can see. Especially from people IN CHARGE of emailing large groups. Not only is it a privacy issue but, hello, it is as annoying as those vuvuzela things at world cup soccer. Oh, yes. It IS.

When I get one of these messages on my iPhone for example, I am forced to scroll through hundreds of names before even getting to the message part. By then I don't want to read your message. Because you are ON MY LAST NERVE.

So, here is a little tutorial which works in Outlook and Outlook Express.

In your compose mail window, you may not see a BCC option, but don't be discouraged.

Click View and All Headers....then....

Voila! Success. Then choose or paste in your recipients.  In GMAIL there is a little ADD BCC link to push right below your "TO" box in compose mail. See how easy it is?
Then I don't have to see this:

I will happily take any questions or provide help in this matter so we can make the world a better BCC place!

Oh & also, the winner of the Simply Serena photoshoot is........

AND, who was the number 2 commenter?  
Marilie 1 week ago
how about the "craziness" of working with needle, thread, fabric & trim all day.....Yes, I run with scissors!!!

Congrats Marlie! Email us or facebook us for Serena's info!

Happy E-Mailing!
Mrs. Sinclair

PS: While I am at it, if you are a common commenter on blogger and do not have an email linked to your profile- people CANNOT comment back to you.  And maybe you'd like to hear from someone. It could be beneficial. So, go in right now to your blogger profile and make sure your email is in there. OK? Yes, I am bossy, remember?

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