MckLinky Monday: Career Day

I'm not sure how many of our readers have actually had a career day held at their child's school.  I for one have NEVER participated in one or have had any knowledge of one going on in my son's school. I can't help but wonder though, if he had to write a paper ahead of time on the careers his parent's have, what would he write? How would he illustrate his Daddy or myself? Our life, our home? Would it be something he would want to share with 25 other students? Is he proud? Disappointed? Would he fudge just a little? And then on the night of those introductions when we actually get to go before the class to talk about our fascinating career choices and read what our child wrote would I well up in tears because I realize that he is proud of us and would want to walk in our shoes one day?

Here is what I think my children would say:

My parents take me to church. They teach me about Jesus. I have clean clothes and plenty of food. A nice house.  No it's not big. Maybe one day. Momma graduated from college. Daddy took some college classes. Arkansas is my parents college of choice.  (LOL! No really, it is mine! Go HOGS!)  My Daddy has been in the car business his entire life. He was born into it. My Momma, she likes money so much that she worked with it for a long time. But then she decided to stay home when she had the second baby so we could do activites such as football and ballet. Daddy drives the minivan.  Momma drives the car. Who knows why? No I don't want to work for a bank or sell cars when I grow up. Playing pro-football, being a ballerina and being a doctor or lawyer is more our style since we like sports, bandaids and arguing. Obviously you can tell we are going to have to pick the higher paying careers since our Momma likes money!

Wow! What a slap in the face.  Do my kids really think that of me? LOL! Good thing I do or they wouldn't have that food, shelter, clothing, and future ahead of them!!

Now its your turn:

It's career night at your child's school. What does your child say about you as you read over his/her written report and as they introduce you to their class?


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4. Enjoy and have some fun!
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