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Looks like MckLinky came back up.  Thanks for your patience!

A few blog posts ago on my personal blog I talked about one of my biggest pet peeves, people who leave anonymous comments on a blog.  I believe that if you are afraid to leave your name attached to your opinion when you post it on the world wide web, then perhaps that opinion shouldn't be posted out on the world wide web.  I also think that rule bodes well in real life as well.  If you are afraid to say an opinion about a certain topic to anyone, then perhaps that opinion is best left to yourself.  Whatever it is that stops you from speaking that opinion to anyone is probably your best clue that perhaps there is something wrong with that opinion in itself.  

Now I know that in the scheme of the great big world, this pet peeve may seem small.  And know that I have many more pet peeves such as the people who think they have the right of way when driving in an outside lane that is ending, people who vote in elections without taking the time to read each candidate's platforms, or gross boyfriends who used to leave their dip cups around my house.  But lately, this anonymous commenting thing has really been chapping my hide.  Granted I do get some peace in knowing that I can always find out who the anonymous commenter is via their IP addresses, but the fact that I have to take my time to do that really just annoys me even more.  I mean if you don't even respect the blogger enough to have an open conversation about that subject, then why should they bother with you or finding out who you are?  

Just a thought...

So now that I've vented about my favorite new pet peeve, I thought I'd ask you about yours.  

What is your favorite pet peeve as of late?

Go on.

Let it out.

You'll feel better after you're through.  And I promise you, when I go to leave a comment or continue the conversation with you about that particular peeve, I'll be sure to show you the respect you deserve.  I'll leave you my name.  

~~Mrs. McGillicutty


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4. Enjoy and have some fun!

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